Ecommerce Websites

RSR specializes in woocommerce-based ecommerce development which combines the flexibility of open-source technology with industry-leading features to provide merchants unprecedented control over store operations along with the some of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market.

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Open Source
  • Flexibility

Custom Ecommerce Options
In addition, RSR can provide customized web store invoice formatting, integration with multiple payment gateways, discount code processing, wholesale pricing for special customers and many other options. We can assist you in creating your merchant account and integrating it into your online store. We utilize common ecommerce gateways such as and PayPal. Please contact RSR for a free consultation on website implementation.

Note – additional fees for real-time online credit card processing and SSL https secure socket layer certificates
For automated credit card/online purchasing, all of the above options must be linked to a separate processing provider such as PayPal or There are basic fees per transaction for these services, plus usually a minimal one time setup charge (however, PayPal Standard is free of setup charges). Transaction fees may vary, such as a set monthly fee that includes up to a certain number of transactions, or just simply a cost per transaction. RSR can handle the integration of these services for you.

Also, in order to process online secure transactions, you may need to purchase a security certificate if you are using a fully integrated payment gateway such as  Note that PayPal Standard does not require an SSL certifcate for your website since payments are handled externally on PayPal’s website.